Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 311 -

Chris called us twice today. Sometimes we don't hear from him for weeks, so 2 times in one day was pretty special. The calls are very hard to hear. Not only is there a delay, but it is through a computer, so you can only hear one word from every sentence. Luke's end of the conversation went something like this...

"Hi Dad."
"Wanna go?"
"Love you, bye."

Tonight we tried the video camera thing which was a gift from his real life co-workers. It's cool to be able to see him and he gets a kick out of seeing us in action.

And tonight he got a lot of action.

He got to see the baby walking around and drinking from her sippy cup. She babbled a bit to him, then she tried to eat the camera.

Luke did a show and tell with off some of his new toys. It completely sounded like another language with all the Bakugan/Digimon/Pokemon verbiage.

The highlight of the call was when Maria came throwing up down the hall and into the bathroom. While I cleaned up things, I had Luke do more entertaining with Japanese cartoon figure talk. Maria did get to say a quick hello before heading off to bed again.

I think tonight he got a taste of how crazy life is here at home. I'm sure he is missing it. It is always interesting around here.

(I am predicting tomorrow there being a blog post about lack of sleep stemming from Maria's ongoing vomiting tonight. I am hoping there is an end in sight. So far she's been sick about every 15 minutes for the last 5 hours. Gatorade awaits when her fragile tummy is ready, and our green machine carpet cleaner is waiting in the wings.)

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