Saturday, January 30, 2010

Days 338 & 339 - Projects

I've been working the last couple of days on the project list. (It's a mental list since a written down list would be too daunting.)

Project #1 - The Desk
My mom and I got 2 of the 8 pieces put together. I'm always happy when I have a chance to use power tools. This stuff went together so easily thanks to clear directions and an occupied baby.

Project #2 - The Allowance Chart

I worked on this while sitting at Luke's wrestling tournament. I have a list of jobs the kids can pick from each day and if they do 5 they get a buck. $7 a week should help Luke pay off the repair fee for his Nintendo DS quite easily. It will also support Maria's lip gloss and gum habit.

Project #3 - Maria's Costume
Luke and Maria are in a program called Odyssey of the Mind where they are creating a skit with certain guidelines. Today we finally got to Maria's costume which is a dog. We (uh, that really means my mom) took some old cat ears and transformed them into dog ears with some lovely brown fur. Luke's costume has been an on-going procrastination. His character is "The Pants". I'll let you know how that one turns out.

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