Thursday, January 7, 2010

Days 315 & 316 - A Little of Everything

I am enjoying getting back into the routine this week. Kids going to school, going to the gym, and spending more time on my ongoing fight with the clutter in the house.

In Luke news ~ He has been getting stellar reports from school this week. That makes me so happy. Now if he would just stop giving his sister wedgies! Another big thing is his top front tooth is loose. Shouldn't be long before there is another visit from the tooth fairy.

In Maria news ~ The tattoo on her forward which was applied 2 days before Christmas is slowly starting to come off. I think most people assume she fell and skinned herself until they look close and see remnants of butterfly wings.

In Elise news ~ She has 2 teeth popping in on the bottom bringing her grand total to 6. She is starting to let me feed her with a spoon again (after about 6 months). This is opening up a whole new world of tastes for her - like yogurt and applesauce.

In me news ~ I have just been treading water as usual ~ cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, providing a taxi service, refereeing, bill paying, grocery shopping, diaper changing, and whatnot. The deal I've made with myself is that I will not step into a craft store until that room downstairs is in order, so any extra time I have is spent down there tossing.

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