Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 323 - Chillin'

The house is so quiet. Luke is at school. The baby is sleeping. And Maria is at a saint's house...I mean, my friends Kim's house. (When you invite people over for lunch and a play date, you don't expect them to take your child with you when they leave...but I'll take it!!)

I didn't feel much like diving into the cleaning/reorganizing project today~ surprise, surprise. Instead I took a few minutes and made these:

The main reason they didn't take very long is that I was able to find things in my craft room! Imagine that! (I also found a stash of mini Heath bars that my friend Becky gave to me for Christmas...yum-yum!!)

I'm learning that the more time I put into this reorganizing project, the more time I will save in the future when I go to get something done. I just have to remember where I put my motivation though...I think I left it around here somewhere...

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