Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 314 - Craft Room Chaos

The craft room (aka the guest room/office) is in serious need of some TLC. The fall craft shows have taken its toll on the area, and now it's time to tame the mess before I end up on an episode of Hoarders.

Chris, you might want to turn away. I promise to have this under control by the time you get home.

Catherine. These pictures are for you. I hope my craft room is more messy than your craft room after all of my gloating.

The queen sized pile of paper. And, yep - that's a pink mattress.

The desk. A catch-all for so much stuff you can't roll the top down to hide it all. Aww...look it's our wedding picture.

The most respectable corner of the room. Bins, bins, and more bins.

Here's where it gets really scary. The 6 foot table of disorganization. Not even an inch of workspace. Looks like something out of an Eye Spy book.

And this is what lies under the table. Scary...very scary.

So, before another craft gets made - this room will get respectable. In fact, it's going to look something like this. Gorgeous!!


  1. Celene,
    I'm so impressed you dare to show anyone! No one sees my chaos if I can help it! If you can make it look like the picture, I'll hire you to come do my room(s)! Jeff would absolutely love you for it!!!!! Call if you would like some help on that "little" project!
    BTW this is Tammi, I don't know how I posted comments before without it showing as Anonymous! I'm so pathetic on the computer!

  2. I love "what lies under the table". :) I keep telling myself that step 1 is a clean floor. Every table around here (& most halls) have things lying beneath.