Saturday, January 9, 2010

Days 318 & 319 - Family Weekend

It was a wonderfully dull weekend here. It was welcome after the shock of our first post-vacation school week.

Saturday was spent in our pj's. We finally got out of the house to go pick up pizza and movies for "family night" ~ isn't every night family night?? The kids found the root beer to be the biggest treat ever.

We watched Night at the Smithsonian together which was cute and entertaining. Much better than anything with talking chipmunks.

Sunday was pretty lazy too. (Although I still was making baby steps in the organization department...I don't want to imply that I sat around on Facebook all day or anything.) At about 4 o'clock I foresaw a night of craziness if I didn't get the kids out of the house. So I took them to the gym for a swim which really helped tire them out. I got to sit in the hot tub for about 2 minutes which was the perfect ending to the weekend.

Now we are ready for another whirl-wind of a week. Bring it on!

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