Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 335 - Luke

Of all the kids, Luke is the one acting out the most with Chris being gone. He is tired of being surrounded by girls. I don't blame him. He's got 2 sisters. His classroom is girl heavy ~ out of 20 kids, 13 are girls. In our neighborhood the seven kids closest to his age are girls.

Someday, he might like those odds, but right now he hates it. Girls just don't "get" him.

Two nights a week I take him to a wrestling club to have some boy time. (The girls tag along too.) Last weekend he had his first taste of a tournament. He wrestled three times. He pinned the first two boys. He lost to the third boy (who was 20 pounds heavier) but he didn't get pinned.

When I am in that room I feel what he feels for the rest of his days. I am out of my element. It's 100% male. It is stinky, sweaty, rambunctious, and has a forceful energy. It is loud, chaotic, and hypnotically busy. He doesn't get in trouble there. He obeys. He listens. It's perfectly fine that he is ADHD.

We've tried karate and we've had one miserable season of soccer. But I think wrestling is going to stick. I am looking forward to Chris getting home, roughhousing with him, and seeing how strong he has become.


  1. I think that's so great Celene! My brother wrestled all through high school---you will learn to be a big fan :)

  2. Great way to let him keep his "man" side in tact! I am a military wife with three girls, one boy, and hubby has been gone too. I understand!