Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 35 - Stones

On a beautiful day like today I get impatient for summer and the things that come along with it - green grass, ice cream, and of course, going to the beach.

Each year our family goes to Lake Michigan. We do the usual things like picnic, make sand castles, and swim. But we also hunt...hunt for stones that is. Walking on the beach collecting stones has almost turned into a competitive sport between my dad and I...but I always get the best ones. (He would not agree.)

When I get home from vacation the stones get put into my gallon size rock tumbler along with the assorted grits and polish powders. For a month, the hum from the motor out in the garage makes me impatient to see the end result. On the day they emerge, I spread out a big towel on the kitchen table and look at all of the little pieces of art.

The only problem with this hobby is what to do with the stones when they are finished. 2 - 3 batches a year makes for a lot of stones. I have baskets filled, plants surrounded, landscaping enhanced, hurricanes filled. I've glued them to birdhouses and sold them in bags at craft shows.

One of my favorite things to do with stones is to simply add a magnet to them. They are fun and still sleek and modern looking on the fridge. I've listed a few sets in my shop and hope to add more soon. You can check them out at


  1. Those are beautiful. I love the magnet idea.

  2. What a great tradition! They're so pretty all polished up! My best friend and I have always been competitive when hunting beach glass on Lake MI.