Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 44 - Party Day

My kids like it when things turn out fair, and today was one of those rare days when that happened - they both had a birthday party!

Luke's party was for "the prettiest girl in the whole class". He talks about her all the time and is constantly making things to give her. One of the things he made for her was a locket made out of paper, with his picture on one side and hers on the other. Cute.

Well, a dilemma came up when he wanted to give her a real locket for her birthday. Would a mom of a 6 year old girl appreciate the fact that there would be one less toy-type gift, or would she be horrified? I had to take a gamble on it because it meant a lot to him. And when I found this little locket I figured it looked harmless.

Well, it turns out it was a big hit. She was wearing it when I picked Luke up at the end of the party and even asked if she could put his picture and her picture in it. Cute. (Whew...)

Then Maria had her party at the local gymnastics place. She loves it there, so anytime she goes there she is a happy girl. This party was for a little friend at preschool that she hugs every morning and hugs again when they say goodbye. Cute.

She had a great time too. Her favorite part was watching her friend open her presents. I'm sure she will sleep good tonight after all that running around!


  1. too cute! what a sweet boy.

  2. Aww! I'm so glad the locket was a hit! So cute that she liked it so much! I'm tellin ya, my hub needs to get some gift giving lessons from your boy!

    I wonder if I'm too old for a party at a gymnastics place... oh to be a kid again!!

  3. Luke did not inherit the romance bug from my hubby. His first gift to me was a fire-safe box.