Sunday, April 5, 2009

Days 28-31 - Illinois

I took a trip this weekend to visit my in-laws in Illinois. Even though I had a real nice time while my mom, the kids, and I visited, it was bittersweet being without Chris. In fact, missing him was more intense when surrounded by all of these places and memories.

Chris and I met while we were both living in Illinois. Even though I hated it while I lived there, I now find beauty in the flat rich soil of the prairie. (Chris taught me that.) On this trip I drove by the first place I ever saw Chris. Little did I know then how meeting him would change the trajectory of my life so drastically.

Another thing Illinois has going for it is that it's 2 weeks ahead of us back in Michigan spring-wise. It was great to see green grass and flowers. It's ironic that the threat of a snowstorm chased me back north a day earlier than planned.

Grandpa Larry showed Luke how to cast this weekend. They have a little pond out back where Luke practiced. I think it might be the only thing that can slow Luke down.

I had the chance to get together with some "old" friends from college. Our 6 kids had a great time playing together while we caught up. What a perfect day!

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