Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 55 - To-Do List Review

This is the 5th day out of 8 for Chris' visit. We are on the down side now and time is slipping away too fast. I think the up coming goodbye will be the hardest yet since we know we won't have this amount of time together until the end of summer.

Anyhow, I sure have been getting spoiled around here with all of the extra help. I thought I'd update the to-do list from last week.

My list -
adjust the baby's car seat since she's getting so big (done!)
break down all of the cardboard boxes that are going to be recycled (done!)
get the basement organized (ha!)
hang up this darn vinyl wall thing that has looked like this for the past few weeks: (thinking about it)

The kids' list -
go to Chuck E. Cheese (done!)
go swimming (not yet)
play Transformers and Power Rangers (kind of)
go to the Children's Museum (maybe tomorrow)
go to a movie (none out that we want to see, so we are crossing this one off)

My dream list -
get my haircut (nope)
get a massage (nope)
go shopping, by myself (nope)
craft craft craft (not enough)

The must do list -
Go up north and bring home our trailer and sell it! If it doesn't sell while he's here we need to store it and put an ad on Craig's list. (SOLD!)

So, we are getting there. It looks like we are even going to have a chance to go out for dinner at The Melting Pot this Friday...a great finale to a perfect week!

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