Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 42 - Around Town

Today was such a beautiful day. We went into town to walk around for a bit. The fresh air and sunshine completely wiped out all 3 kids (and me).

The first thing we noticed were all of these green footprints. They were everywhere and just beckoned to be jumped on. I'm not sure the meaning of them, but they made the walk interesting.First stop was the toy store. The kids had some allowance money to burn. Maria never has a hard time picking out things, but Luke took his time and contemplated the price on everything. He ended up with a boomerang.

Next stop, ice cream. Luke got a flavor called candy playdough. Does that even sound yummy? I guess to a six year old it does. Maria got the cookie dough and I got cake batter.

Then we walked around by the dam. People were fishing, riding bikes, and soaking up the sun. The kids love walking over the dam seeing the water high on one side and the waterfall on the other.

When we got home the boomerang had to be tried out. I love the determination in this picture. Neither one of us could get it to come all the way back, but it was fun trying.

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