Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 111 - Overboard

So yesterday's situation just gets better. I spent all of last night on-line trying to locate an instant gratification water slide. I couldn't afford to wait around for delivery. I wanted to use it right now! I found one in the 100 mile radius surrounding my home. I called, got it saved, and went to pick it up today. Whew!

I was now familiar with the general set-up, so it only took minutes to put it together. I turned on the blower and the same thing happened...too floppy on top.

Thankfully, I have a son who loves to touch and tinker with things that he shouldn't be bothering. (This came in handy just this once.) He was on the other side of the half blown up slide and closed off the exit air valve. Brilliant.

So now, we are the proud owners of 2 working water slides. Just in the nick of time! We'll use one for back-up when this thing gets worn down. The kids had a complete blast on it. I can't wait to get some of their friends over to share the fun!

The other thing that was great about today was having a few minutes to pop into a scrapbooking store in the same city as the water slide. (I should call it a paper store since I've never made a scrapbook in my life.) They had a room with racks of paper that were 50% off...heaven on earth. I quickly purchased a big stack to add to my other mounds of paper waiting for me at home. Someday, I'll have time to craft again...and when I do I'll be ready.


  1. Nice paper! :) and the slide looks like fun, too:)

  2. That slide looks even more fun than the other one! My son loves to tinker with things he shouldn't as well, maybe it will come in handy for me someday too!

  3. Wow, you've got some lucky kids - they look ecstatic!