Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 113 - Swimsuits

I used my last two hours of "free time" of the summer doing my least favorite for a new swimsuit.

I attempted this once already this season with no luck. Today's expectations for success were low since I figured the racks were full of picked over size 2's, size 16's, or really, really ugly mismatched pieces.

Somehow after trying on a dozen things I ended up with 2 tops. I guess the bottoms from years past will have to do. I stopped while I was ahead.

With about an hour left of free time, and the swimsuit job checked off the to-do list, I shopped like there was no tomorrow. Knowing that the baby was not going to last long, I started throwing stuff in my cart...I ended up with a towel rack, new running shoes, a rug, 2 skirts for Maria, a dress, and about 4 shirts, maybe more...I don't really remember - it was all a blur....

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