Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 95 - Rewind

I took a trip back in time on Sunday and brought my unwilling kids with me. I haven't been to my hometown in 6 years and couldn't wait to see how everything had changed.

First stop was my home when I was 2-6. It is a gorgeous old farm house out in the country. I have so many memories there even though I was so young. John, the owner, (who knew me when I lived there) was there when we pulled in and was able to give us a tour. A lot had changed, but each room brought back snap shot after snap shot of my past - the corner where I sat on my Dad's lap learning my left from my right, the room where I dropped a big weight on my little toe, my bedroom (which is now a closet) where I gave myself a haircut, the porch where we would shuck corn, the dying ash tree which held my tire swing. Amazing to get to sneak a peek and relive those moments again.

Next stop was visiting my friend Laura and her children. Her husband is at boot camp right now so we are both in the same boat of being unlikely military wives. I'll bet neither of us thought we'd be experiencing this at our age... (right Laura?)

Then I took the kids to the house I lived at from 6-17. We just did a quick drive-by. I'd love to get in there someday.

By now, my kids have had enough of my memory lane so I took them to my elementary school so they could run around which satisfied us all. Recently the school had been seriously upgraded/remodeled. There was not a trace of the playground equipment that I played on...just this four square game painted on the "blacktop".

Last on the day's agenda was a get together at my friend, Amy's parent's house. New friends and old, husbands, and kids....lots of kids! We had yummy food, many laughs, and an all-around enjoyable visit!

I forgot to mention the cherry-on-top thing of the kids "let" me listen to 1st wave on my XM radio all day. It plays all 80's alternative music - The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2 - all the stuff I listened to in high school. Perfect!


  1. What an awesome trip! That old house is STUNNING! I would love to go back to my grandparents home (I think I spent more time there than my own house, lol) but I'm scared too much will have be different and it will disappoint. ;) Sounds like an awesome trip though. :) (They took down my old elementary school playground last year and I seriously was distraught when I drove by, lol).

  2. I would love to peek into the house that I grew up in. Great post!