Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 116 - Strawberry Jam

Once there was a mom who wanted to make strawberry jam.

She took her kids to the strawberry field to pick strawberries. "Who will help me pick strawberries for the jam?" the mom asked.
"Not so much." said Luke.
"I don't want to." said Maria.
"Whaaaaa" said Elise.
"Then I will pick the strawberries." said the mom.

The strawberries needed to have their stems cut off. "Who will help me cut the strawberries?" the mom asked.
"Not so much, I have a song to write so I can be famous" said Luke.
"I don't want to." said Maria.
"Whaaaaa." said Elise.

Then the strawberries needed to be mashed. "Who will help me mash the strawberries?" the mom asked.
"I need a sponsor for my tour." said Luke.
"I want to decorate my strawberry." said Maria as she took out her markers.
"Whaaaaa." said Elise.

The pectin and sugar needed to be mixed with the strawberries. "Who will help me mix the strawberries?" the mom asked.
"My tour can be sponsored by Pampers and the 4th of July. Maria you can play the tambourine." said Luke.
"OK, I like playing the tambourine." said Maria.
"Whaaaaa." said Elise.

The jam was ready to eat. "Who will help me eat this yummy jam we made?" asked the mom.
"I will." said Luke.
"I will." said Maria.
"Whaaaa." said Elise.

"I love the strawberry jam" said Maria.
"I love you Maria." said the mom.
"I love you too." said Maria.
"I always love you too." said Luke.

The End.


  1. The essence of being a mom--giving and giving and giving again. Great post.

  2. I love this post. Enjoy your jam! Maybe it will be so good that you will spend the rest of your days making famous jam and sponsoring Luke's World Tour.

  3. This is the best post EVER!!!!!!!! I love you, lol. You are so darn cute, and so are your kids. ;)

  4. Wonderful post! They will eventually start helping :)

  5. Homemade strawberry jam -- good for you, with or without help!