Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 98 - Ups and Downs

Today's Successes -

Going grocery shopping with 3 kids without incident.
Cooking a meal that all 3 of us were willing to eat.
Buying the 3D chalk that entertained my kids longer than I expected.
Finishing the goody bags for the craft show this weekend.
Making the friendship bread after taking care of it for a week. (Anyone want a starter?)

Today's Failures -

Not being able to fix the toilet and paying $75 for a plumber to plunge it.
Luke's behavior at the gym during his first speed school session.
Giving in to too much junk food at the grocery store.
Not being able to find the checkbook.
Forgetting to buy pudding for the friendship bread recipe.
Realizing I had no one to call when I had a huge breakdown today.

Today's Thank-Yous -

Thanks to Janine for watching the kids and being the look out for the plumber while I took a shower.
Thanks to Dirk for being my watchdog regarding over-priced plumbers and for mowing half of the yard today.
Thanks to Laura for the friendship bread starter.
Thanks to Steve for donating the pudding so I could make the bread.

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  1. I love this post. I have to remember the formula - successes, failures, and thank-yous. It's factual yet starts and ends on a positive note. :)