Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 19 - Painting

When my 6 year old son started talking like Mr. Crabs I knew we had overloaded on Sponge Bob. Time to break out the paints and turn off the TV.

Luke must be studying things in art. Last night he came home and painted a picture with little dots inspired by Georges Seurat. Then with the help of his little sister who held a flashlight on me, he painted my portrait as seen here:

So, back to today. The kids started painting and chatting. Maria said, "Luke, what are you making?" Luke answers, "Another Pitasso." I chime in eager, (but not pushy) to fix the mispronunciation, "The museum might have a Picasso, maybe we can go sometime." Maria corrects me, "You mean Pitasso." Ok, kids you win. It's only kindergarten right? There's not a test or anything I hope. He could ace a test about Sponge Bob, but needs a little more time to study art history.

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