Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 4 - Sleep Deprived

A few days ago I started giving Luke Concerta for his ADHD. It's been a miracle. I can't wait to see how this little pill changes his life for the better. I wish we could have started him on it sooner so that Chris could see the difference it is making.

Right off the bat I noticed 2 side effects. He's never hungry and he cannot fall asleep at night. The latter problem is the most worrisome since each night he's been up until nearly 11. It seems like the pill wears off right at bedtime and all of the energy that he's suppressed all day attacks and keeps him from falling asleep. My friend Karin whose daughter also takes the same medication suggested looking into melatonin to help him. I called the doctor, got the okay and picked some up. Hopefully tonight he'll fall asleep before 11:00.

I can see why people are against medicating. It's so scary sending these little pills into your child not knowing what the outcome will be, which side effects might take place, and what the long term will look like. I also see how one pill can start problems that another pill can help. Where does it end? For now, I'll just keep looking for the positives in all of this and enjoy seeing my son in a new way.

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