Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 7 - Kindergarten Program

Today Luke had another milestone that I'm sad Chris missed. It was the night of the Kindergarten program. I would have liked Chris to have seen the difference between this year and last year when Luke was in DK.

Last year was a disaster. He was not into it at all and actually chose to leave the stage to come sit with us. In fact, I really did not want to endure another round this year. But Luke was actually excited about of course we had to be there.

Before the program began, I started getting a little nervous that we were in for a repeat performance. Notice Luke with his hands on his face. I found out later from him that he was disappointed for not getting placed by "his girlfriend". OK then.

But in the end he pulled through and contributed to the grand production of "Stone Soup" with all of the other kindergarteners. Check that off the list...

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