Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 8 - Baby Food

Elise recently turned 5 months old. She has been eating "solid" food for a couple of weeks. The technique is to start babies with veggies so that they don't get spoiled with the sweet stuff. The way my other children eat these days makes me think that I'd better get all the veggies I can in her while she is willing.

So, today after a dinner of peas and rice cereal, I cracked open a container of nice sweet peaches for her to test out. I thoroughly enjoyed the great faces of discovery she made. I'm not sure they were all happy ones, but they were so entertaining.

After dinner (and dessert) she went straight to the bathtub!


  1. As long as you didn't need a bath as well, you (or should I say she) did great?

  2. I just love that last one! She is such a peanut! I love that she is already showing so much personality! :)