Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 20 - Dinner

So tonight for dinner I decided to cook instead of heat up. Heat-up food is the kind that Maria likes. So I knew I was in for a battle with her. But a promise was made to Luke about me making stew. However, Luke doesn't really know what stew is, and I really don't have time to make it. So I improvised.

This is "Chicken Noodle Stew". I invented it, I think. I baked the chicken in the oven, cooked the frozen egg noodles, and made a white sauce with butter, flour, and chicken broth. When all that gets combined, you have stew. (I'm sure in veggie eating households, something with color could have been added, but here we consider white things to be "safe" to eat.)

Luke dove right in, no problem. In between bites he was trying to convince Maria to try it. She was having none of it. Even with this persuasive argument, "Maria, Maria, it's not even poison", no bites were taken.

Little did she know I had a trick up my sleeve. Earlier in the day I purchased a Transformer musical toothbrush at the store (one just like her brother's). It was really a replacement for his, but he didn't know this yet, so ownership was still fair game.

So a trade was made...a bite of "stew" for a new toothbrush. The deal was sealed - two bites were taken. Another tally mark for mom.


  1. Way to go Mom!! I've tried bribery and my son still won't eat a thing. He likes Taco Bell, so I went down there and bought a stack of taco wrappers from them, and now I just make him a ton of stuff in tortillas, wrap in a Taco Bell wrapper and swear up and down that that is where I got it. Works about 50% of the time! Chicken Noodle Stew sounds delish!

  2. LMBO at both the post and the comment by Delainie. :) Davis is my picky eater. He decides whether he is going to like it before he tries it. I can get him to try something, but if he's got "the look" I know he won't like it either way. LOL For years he has claimed to hate beef. Now that he HAS to eat lunch at school he likes a plain cheeseburger. Amazing, lol. Lately my kids keep asking why we keep getting 'special stuff to eat'. LMBO, um, it's because I am baking muffins instead of buying them, because I'm trying to save money. But they don't need to know that, lol.

  3. I love that white is safe. David Robert will eat noodles and noodles with white cheese on top, but if you add anything else, he flips and insists they are now "discussing" which is actually 4 year old speak for disgusting.

    I pictured your cutie wretching at the table and you holding your stew spoon menacingly. ;)