Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 22 - Stimulus

Today I did my part to help our flailing economy by buying myself a fancy new camera. I can only hope that I will learn how to use it. I'm excited about the possibility of capturing better pictures of my kids. My current camera is so slow, and my kids are not.

To balance my retail therapy today, I did two not-for-myself things, three really, but one involves lottery tickets and a chain, probably just the two count. First, I bought 20 cantaloupes and brought them to our local food pantry. They were happy to see them.

Next, I baked all afternoon to help "sweeten up" the cake walk at Luke's school carnival (that I will be writing about tomorrow, unless something more exciting happens). The cupcakes turned out fabulous, but my Cake Doctor recipe book failed me on the white sour cream cake. You can't tell this in the picture due to a creative frosting technique called "loading up the middle", but the center of each one sank. But, who cares really about the cake. It's all about the sprinkes, right?

1 comment:

  1. Lovin' the fact that you bought 20 cantaloupes for a food pantry. How wonderful! I'm so excited for you about the camera too, and you will be so happy with it. The baking! They look wonderful, I often fill any holes with frosting. For me it's all about the frosting LOL