Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 60 - Odds and Ends

We are back to the grind today. Taxi-mom, grocery shopping, and laundry.

I did get some crafting finished up. These little pillow boxes are too sweet. With the sun shining I was able to take their picture and get them listed today. Click here to see them in my shop.

Here is our new pet. Usually the robins build under our deck, but this year they wanted a new view. She's not quite sure what to think of us when we are running around in the yard. Or mowing...

Which reminds me, some thanks are in order for my neighbor, Dirk. He came over today and got the mower all ready to go - things that I could not even begin to understand, like oil changing, and checking things like spark plugs, air filters, and blades.

Dirk was our biggest helper when Chris was deployed in 2003. He would mow, fertilize, and help out any way he could. Chris bought him a baseball cap from the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait to thank him for all of his help.

It is rare to see Dirk without that hat on. He told us how it blew off his head on a cruise and he had to chase it down and even mentioned it was worth going overboard for.

Hopefully, Chris can get him a new hat when he heads back over.

Which reminds me...Chris got officially activated today. One year from now and he will be done. Then we will be closing up this blog and heading to Disney World.

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