Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 61 - Danger Lurks

The last two days have been sunny and 70 here which only partially erases the memory of the miserable winter we had. Time to get outside and play, garden, and enjoy, right? Not so fast, there is a new threat at our house...besides the powerful and mighty TV - a giant bumblebee.

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This bumblebee is big and hairy. It acts as fierce as a shark by constantly circling around and never resting. It's killer buzz can be heard a mile away, and it lurks around our deck waiting for it's prey to come innocently out the back door so it can attack.

And because of this, Maria will not go outside today. She tried playing in the sandbox but the vibration of the bee's buzz 50 yards away was something she couldn't handle. She ran in her bare feet across the lawn, screaming (and crying) that she "heard a bee". For some crazy reason, I told her it wasn't a good idea to be barefoot in the yard if bees were around, and that made her completely paralyzed with fear so much so that I had to carry her into the house.

And into the house is where we will probably be the rest of this gorgeous day. Which is fine with me...I'm scared of that thing too.


  1. Oh man! Sounds like the little one I nanny for! Lately we've had these winged ant things on the slide- all over it- and she wants me to move them all before she will slide (eww). I had to make a 20 bug limit- more than that and I guess no sliding today! The girl will run from a gnat. Enjoy your day inside! :)

  2. Okay, I'd really like to be the logical one here, and tell her to chill out...but I am TERRIFIED of bees. I even have a scar from one stinging me in the knee when I was a kid, lol. Poor Maria, she deserves a hug. :) Okay, so do you, lol. ;)

  3. That happened to my daughter when she was little! One big fat bumble bee incident ended up terrifying her for years! Hopefully she will forget by tomorrow. :)

  4. I hate those big bumble bees, too.