Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 82 - Memorial Day

Chris is on his way back to Camp Pendleton today. We get 2 more visits before he heads overseas.

I just wanted to show you our refrigerator. Among all of the report cards and colorful school projects lives our daily reminder of some young lives cut short by war.

I never really thought about the price of freedom until I married a Marine. I'm thankful for that.


  1. I'm sorry you have to be without him. :(

    I'm not married into military, but my dad and brother are both in the service so I see it through them.

  2. I am thankful that I've never HAD to realize the sacrifice, but that I still try. Thank you Chris, thank you Celene! And thank you to your 3 gorgeous children who live without him for so long for the benefit of the rest of us. I hope for a safe return for everyone that goes with him. (Hugs)