Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 88 - To-Do List

I am the (self-proclaimed) Queen of To-Do Lists. I have binders and notepads full of them. I've learned that I don't use them the conventional way...I do it more as a method of head clearing. Most of the time after I've written it out it never gets looked at again. Which means a week or two later, I'd write out another very similar list because nothing would get accomplished.

So, I decided to try a new approach - the micro-manage type of list. Instead of giant areas, I picked small problem areas to work on.

I am even attempting to cross things off before I make a new list. We'll see how long this lasts.

Here is one of the things I get to cross off the list today - I cleaned the toy cubbies. If I was thinking ahead I would have taken a before picture, but maybe that would have been too embarrassing to share. Anyways, for now, the bins are organized.

Elise is really starting to get around. Not only can she roll to get from place to place, but she has recently mastered the 360 move...which means her head stays in generally the same place, but her feet can swing around for changing directions. Crawling is just minutes away and our house is not ready!


  1. making lists are the only way i can cope.

    good job!

  2. I'm totally a to do list freak. I too use it as a way to organize really. But I think you've encouraged me to make them work for me as opposed to make it obvious to myself that I've got way too much to do

  3. I am a believer in lists. They help me keep sane (for now). We will see how long that lasts...