Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 79 - Customer "Service"

Today I unleashed a bounty of crazy piss & vinegar psycho talk to a customer representative (and then a supervisor, and then a cancellation specialist), but I still completely feel scammed and slightly idiotic. The rampage happened more than an hour ago, but my blood is still boiling.

This has happened once before with the lovely folks at AOL when they were double charging us for several months before we caught on. It was our fault for not catching on, so we were up a river without the paddle so to speak. Lesson learned...never again. Right...

But, the evil Direct TV had a far better scam for me to fall for. They wooed me with their twice-a-week letter bombardment for the last year stating they wanted me back for only $29.99 a month plus more receivers (a bonus since we wanted to get the basement hooked up!) After calling Dish and hearing that they could not do better, I canceled with them and looked forward to the switch to Direct TV.

Fast forward 3 months, and I'm now seeing that the bills are $58. So I called to get it figured out. That's where I first hear the word "rebate". That's a new one. (Insert a lot of pissiness here.)

Well, my rebate window of opportunity closed 2 weeks ago, and there is "nothing they can do".
SO...I try to threaten a cancellation, but I'm obligated to be with them for 18 months and it costs hundreds to leave them early. PISS OFF, are you SERIOUS?

So, that leaves me paying twice as much for Sponge Bob, Pokemon, and Phineas and Ferb. And there is nothing I can do to fix it. How frustrating!

(I wish I had a tape recording of my conversation today, because I was on fire. In fact, she laughed at me because I was so fired up...and I called her out on it..."Are you LAUGHING at me, Seriously?? That's so unprofessional.")

Well, I'm off to get a drink and simmer down. Chris is on his way and I don't want to be too feisty when he gets here.

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