Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 80 - Chris' Birthday

We celebrated Chris' birthday today. It was wonderful that he could be home for it.

His annual present is always beer. This year he got a mini keg of Oberon which he's been working on furiously.

He took Luke and Maria to see Night at the Museum 2 today. They ate popcorn for lunch followed by Pepsi and Nerds.

Then Chris went on a much needed bee hunt. Armed with beer, bee spray, and a tennis racket, he managed to kill 4 bees for sure. We know more are dead, but they are burrowed up into a post on our deck so we couldn't see for sure how many. We could hear them buzz as he shot the foam into their 8 inch tunnel in the wood. We know there is one bee that escaped his death, so he will work on that one tomorrow.

Then we went out to dinner with our neighbors. Chris got a free steak, chocolate cake, and thankfully, no happy birthday serenade.

Here is the marbled cake I made today (not knowing he'd get a free dessert at dinner). It turned out pretty yummy. The recipe came from "The Cake Doctor" book which I use all of the time for yummy cakes using cake mixes. Thank goodness for that book, because Chris wanted a chocolate cake but all I had was a yellow cake mix. The recipe was a happy comprimise.

So, 80 days have gone by...that means 20% of his activation is over. It is going by faster than I thought. Birthdays especially make us realize how fast time flies.

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