Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 73 - Outside

We spent a good long time outside today. We had to move the mulch mountain that was delivered this morning. I'm so thankful one of Chris' co-workers brought his family over to help. Luke had a friend over and a neighbor boy came to join the fun. With all that help we were done in 2 hours.

The mulch pile had a stowaway - a big fat toad. The kids played with it all afternoon. They made it a house in this bucket and gave it everything they thought it needed - including a paper bug, a bottle cap full of water, and grass.

Luke named it "Doesn't Bounce A Lot", because, well, it didn't bounce a lot. Later it got a little jumpy, so Luke decided to let it out in the garden.

So, mission accomplished on the landscaping job. Now, if I only could brew up some energy to go cook dinner.


  1. I absolutley LOVE Luke's face in that pic, lol. I also love the title on the bucket. :) Adorable. :) Boy you got alot done today! I am feeling like I need to catch up, lol.

  2. I love the toads name! lol My 6yr old son writes just like your son does. It is great you had help because it took just the two of us all day to finish ours.