Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 75 - m&m's

Chris loves peanut m&m's. He pretty much won't eat any other type of junk food, candy, or sweets. He's getting worse about that as he gets older (as if it's some sort of ailment). So, because of this I now think of peanut m&m's as health food.

Knowing that Chris was coming for a visit, I decided to stock up on them when they went on sale a couple of weeks ago. 24 ounces of peanut m&m's sat there and taunted me.

Well, big surprise - they are GONE. I cannot even blame the kids for their disappearance. (And I wonder why the post-having-a-baby-weight isn't coming off.)

So, what do you do when you have no more m&m's? In my world, you buy more!

But this bag was *ahem* for the kids. Strawberried Peanut Butter Transformer m&m's. They sound both disgusting and intriguing , don't they? They taste a little like putting a pb&j on a saltine cracker with some chocolate sprinkles on top. They aren't bad, but you won't see me devouring them like my healthy version. (But don't hold me to that...)

I need to stay out of the candy aisle.


  1. I love M+M's! They are so tasty, although I've never tried the Transformer ones! I just stick with the classics!


  2. I think that the weird combination in that new bag would be enough to keep me away!

    I am currently obsessed with Bliss chocolates... they are melt in your mouth delicious!