Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 65 - Mess

Just another day here in crazy land. We pretty much stayed in and played today, which was nice. But, the toll it takes on the house is another issue. I am posting these to make you feel good...consider it a mother's day gift, from me to you. (Unless your house looks like mine...)

Good thing I won a blue ribbon in the 5th grade obstacle course because you need skills to travel through our house at the moment.

Luke's room after dumping out everything in order to find one small toy. I don't think he found it.
The never-ending laundry pile which sits on my bed until night time. Whatever doesn't get put away during the day retires to the floor for the night and then we start all over the next day. Socks are truly my worst enemy.

Elise is not the #1 mess maker in this house, but she is learning quickly.


  1. Thank you. No kidding, this made me sign with releif. You always have it together, and this just made you human, and reminded me that being human is okay for me too. ;) And frankly, that pic of Elise just made me smile. :) She is just so beautiful.

  2. I have a pile of laundry that migrates during the day also...and the sock pile, well, that usually stays in a basket until we need some, then we dive in and hope we don't get lost!