Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 84 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Luke tried to leave school today. He had a pretty ugly outburst and wanted to leave. He ended up with a one way pass to the principal's office.

"Mom, can you come get me?" Uh, "Nooooo way. You'd better fix your attitude because you're going to be there for another 2 hours."

I thanked the principal which is code for "sorry for having to put up with my child" and immediately called the pediatrician.

I get the OK for a prescription change that I hope will be miracle #2. Concerta (miracle #1) did work wonders at first, but lately his behavior is challenging. Time to tweak.

I wonder how much of this is ADHD, how much is his Dad being gone, and how much is just Luke. I know I can't blame my perfect parenting skills. (ha!)

So, Strattera, I need you to work. Really, really work. Because I just might make it if you don't.

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  1. Oh sweetie! This was me on Memorial Day. Thrilled with her attitude in the morning, and wanting to strangle her by the time she went to bed, lol. I agree about the not knowing what it is! With Ross gone I know they are under more stress than normal... but I still expect basic skills, ya know? Anyway, I am crossing my fingers that Strattera works! We are changing Haley's meds this summer as well... I think she may be on too much of it, but don't want the teacher to have to test that out, lol. ;) We will test together. :)